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You & Me. Tübingen’s Wedding Fair

Sparkassen Carré

“Wherever you go, I’ll go too,” as one of the most popular wedding sayings goes. Tübingen is a good choice for a wedding venue, as on average more weddings take place here than anywhere else in Baden-Württemberg! And to ensure that the most special day of your life is a real success, approx. 60 exhibitors will present their wedding products and services to you. From bridal wear and clothes, to hairstyling, make-up, dance lessons and catering, the soon-to-be married couple will find everything that will make their marriage a beautiful and unforgettable occasion.

Fasnet (Swabian-Alemanic Carnival)

Old Town of Tübingen

It took about 400 years until foolishness once again stirred in the town of Tübingen. In 1565 the then Duke Christoph complained about the “shrill screams, uproar and incensement” in the town and banned without further ado the “pagan mischief.” A certain protestant sense of self-denial among Tübingen’s citizens prevented the jesters from moving through the streets and alleys of the university town in large numbers until 1996. Today however, 70 crafts with over 5000 costume wearers unsettle the old town every year, among which the numerous sources of historically authenticated Tübingen “Raupa”, “ Schwarze Männle” and “ Närrele” costumes, as well as many regional crafts, can be seen. From 13:30–to 15:30.

fdf - Für die Familie (For the Family)

09.–16.03. 2019

The “fdf” is the biggest consumer exhibition in the great Neckar-Alb/Südwürttemberg-Hohenzollern vicinity. Around 400 companies specialising in fashion, cosmetics, health, the household, free-time, living and decorating, building, renovating and energy management are placed in 21 halls. The visitor will receive, as in past years, an extensive and informative insight into the regional economy and can expect interesting events and special exhibits. Good entertainment and refreshments will also be provided.  


Spring Market and Sunday trading

Market Place

Tübingen’s Spring Market is colourful, thriving and bustling. Many manufacturers, tradesmen, self-producers and artisans present their goods on this day at Tübingen’s Market Place in front of the historical town hall and anticipate an interested public. Refreshments will be provided and there will also be a nostalgic Lafayette steam carrousel for young children.
Sunday trading invites everyone to browse and do a spot of shopping in Tübingen’s shops and local businesses.
The market takes place from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. and the shops are open from 1 p.m.-6 p.m.

Georgi Market

Old Town of Tübingen

Tübingen’s Martinmas-Market is a real street market which invites you to look and to buy. Available here are brushes, plasters, wooden spoons, baskets, socks, underwear, hats and many more items that are needed in every-day life. If you work up an appetite from the walk, you will always find a stall with hearty Bratwürsten or Schupfnudeln to indulge in.


Cinemas in Tübingen

The curtain rises: The CineLatino film festival gives you the opportunity to discover enthralling films from Spain and Latin-America. The CineLatino is the most significant forum for latin-american film culture in Germany. Every year around 40 new feature films and documentaries from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay or Venezuela shed light on the current societal and cultural developments of the latin-american continent and produce fascinating films.


Regional Market

Old town of Tübingen

Nowadays food and dry goods are frequently transported around the world before we receive them: apples from Australia, steak from Argentina, potatoes from Egypt. This unnecessary food transportation is not only detrimental to the environment but the food itself loses its quality. Our region therefore has a lot to offer. More than 50 local providers and stall holders – among them oil and cereal millers, bakers, gardeners, butchers, beekeepers, farmers, fruit growers, farm and dairy shop owners, wine merchants, brewers and Schnapps burners – present their regional and diverse products to visitors. Expect to see all of this at a vivacious market with many culinary delights.

Flea Market

04.05., 13.07. and 07.09. 2019

The flea market in Uhlandstraße is a real Tübingen event. Tübingen citizens will display on their stalls what they have accumulated over the years in cupboards, cellars, garages and attics. From out-grown children’s clothes, old records and old porcelain to all the odds and ends imagineable, in which so many novelty items are hidden, you can rummage around on the Uhlandstraße flea market to your heart’s content.
Stall allocation is only permitted if an application has been made in advance. 

Market of Opportunities

Round by the St. James’ Church (Jakobuskirche)

An arts-and-crafts market takes place for the 15th time in Tübingen’s lower town, where approx. 70 exhibitors will present their work and creations. Round by the St. James’ Church a selected number of artists, craftsmen and artisans will show how the boundaries between their fields of work overlap. Every year the public marvel at the originiality of ideas and the diversity concerning the way in which wood, ceramic, stone, glass, metal, wool, paper and other everyday materials are used. Imagination and creativity reign free at this market.

Punting Boat Race

On the Neckar

... can no longer be separated from Tübingen. It belongs to the town and to the Neckar in the same way as the University and science do. Punting is a swabian leisure activity and one that stimulates conversation. The passengers are seated along each side of the punt, parallel to each other and relax against the high back-boards. We glide leisurely past the luxuriously green bank vegetation, "chat" to each other, admire the romantic scenery of the Tübingen Neckar Front and watch the punter at work. The peaceful gliding of the punting boats on the Neckar is always a relaxing and picturesque sight to those watching from the Neckar bridge.

The heated battle of the long punts
Only once a year this relaxing image starkly transforms into its contrast. More than forty punts, each occupying eight people, push themselves along, packed tightly together, to the Hirschauer Steg (where the railway bridge is), in order to wait for the starting signal. The punting race begins and with it one of the funniest and wildest spectacles in Tübingen’s event calendar unfolds.

If anything can get through the eye of a needle, it’s a punting boat...
Participants can be anyone who owns a punt in Tübingen and who has properly registered the boat with the real estate office. Whoever has time to watch should turn up early to grab one of the prime spots on the Neckarbrücke and Platanenallee. Several obstacles must be overcome in the 2 km distance to the Ammertalbahnbrücke (the finishing line), as stated in the incontrovertible rules of the race which date back to 1956 when the race was first invented. This includes “the eye of the needle”, the awkward narrow point under the Neckarbrücke, which all punts must pass accompanied by the yelling of the one thousand spectators. It is here that the expected ‘punt-jams’ and collisions happen and which are eagerly anticipated. Punting poles crash into each other, boat balls become intertwined, the crew paddle with their bare hands as though their life depended on it, while others, already soaked, try to stop the boat from flooding. “The pole stays with the man!” is the slogan, which is screamed, brawled and laughed. Sunk! The challenge cup is awarded to the winning team and a barrel of beer purchased from the town’s cultural office budget seems to go an insurmountable distance.   

“We’re drinking beer, what are you drinking?”
This is the moment in which the gladiator-, aboriginal-, smurf- or hunter costumes worn by the punting crews are torn to shreds. But the most inventive costumes and masks will be awarded a suckling pig. The losers and stranded crews don’t get it so easy: They must drink half a litre of cod-liver oil in front of the public under the frenetic applause of the spectators. This is one of the high points of the event, which secretly makes the loser a winner. And while the winning crew receive their free beer for the evening, the losing team think about what they can improve for the next punting boat race. It’s written in the rules. And so they will remain.  

Regional Horse-Riding and Show Jumping Competition


300 horse-riders and more than 700 horses from all over Baden-Württemberg will once again be expected at the horse-riding and show jumping competition for regional champions hosted by the horse-riding society in Tübingen. The best show jumping and dressage riders and the most splendid horses will then demonstrate their abilities by facing various tests and disciplines and will be applauded by an interested and enthusiastic public.      


Tubingen's 65th Summer Fair

Festplatz, Weilheimer Wiesen

Tübingen’s Summer Fair now runs for even longer! Tübingen’s Tourist Information invites you to the big ‘Festplatz’ for ten days instead of the original six. With his opening (and some may say traditional) speech, the mayor Boris Palmer shows himself to be just as experienced and brilliant as he has in previous years.

The colourful fair with its big amusement park and newest attractions will once again attract thousands of visitors this year. An extensive music programme and special promotion days are brand-new features and are waiting to be enjoyed by you. The many international specialities and crunchy ‘Göckele’ are also not to be missed on the Festplatz. As ever there is a “Family Day” with cheaper prices for the whole day and the legendary firework display to conclude the summer fair.


Art Market at Nonnenhaus

At Nonnenhaus

From 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. more than 70 artists (primarily from the southern German regions) will present their craftsmanship. Round the Nonnenhaus visitors can also expect to find a colourful market with beautifully decorated stalls and a big choice of jewellery, fabrics, pottery items, metal objects, photographs, woodwork, minerals and colourful materials. 

Open-Air Summer Night Cinema
Alter Schlachthof

No Tübingen summer exists without an open-air cinema. The festival has been one of the most popular and biggest regional events since 1992. Its success is due primarily to its carefully selected and varied programme, which consists of internationally successful films, small but artistically valuable films, impressive documentaries and ingenious animations. A mixture of thriller, drama, comedy, war films, fantasy and of course a cult film from a particular social class.
The remarkable atmosphere attracts the audience even before the film begins. A place to meet friends and to enjoy various culinary delights. The wide choice of drinks offers something to suit every taste.
Entry 8.30 p.m., Film begins at 9.15 p.m.  


Tübingen’s Summer Island

At the Anlagensee

The Summer Island at the lake has strongly established itself as a summer highlight. Those who enjoy being out in the open air visit the summer island several times every year and new guests come yearly too. The lawn at the Anlagensee caters for the impressive scale of culinary events, which have attracted over 100 000 guests from near and far over the past few years. Beneath romantic tent roofs and under the stars, Tübingen’s top gastronomes invite you to embark on a culinary journey or quite simply to enjoy a glass of wine. A truly civilised meeting point in Tübingen!        


Public Memorial Day

Various locations

In 1984 a “public memorial day” took place for the first time in France. The European council seized upon this idea and spread a “European Heritage Day” throughout Europe. This activity, long since supported by the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Trust of Monument Preservation), took place in Germany in 1993. Protected buildings or areas which are usually inaccessible should be opened on this day. At the same time guided tours should present objects, explain their meaning and clarify the theme of ‘monument protection’ by using concrete examples.

Umbrian-Provençal Market
Old Town of Tübingen

Under the motto “5 days worth of eating, drinking, looking and marvelling,” Tübingen and the Trade and Industry Association invite you every year (shortly after the summer holidays) to a shopping and speciality stroll through the narrow streets of the old town.

The South is once again Tübingen’s guest. Since 1995 many traders from Tübingen’s twin-cities Aix-en-Provençe and Perugia have presented their provençal and umbrian specialities at over 100 stalls over the course of four days. According to the market orders, only typically regional and home-made/grown products are allowed to be displayed and sold. The food and drinks available also come exclusively from Umbria and Provençe. 

Tübingens Twin-Cities Aix-en-Provençe and Perugia

Whoever is familiar with the italian region between Tuscany and the Abruzzi will know about the splendid wine of this region, and who can resist the delicacies such as Patés and Pastis from the southern french coastal area between Marseille and Nice? The culinary offers of the market are a journey through the southern recipes of mediterranean gastronomy, which is sure to whet the appetite. What is important is what the Umbrian-Provençal cuisine yields, which is sure to delight the nose and palette: lavender everywhere, pastries, liquors, wine, ham, olive purée, herbs and spices, Feta and goats cheese, Bouillabaisse, mussels, jam, honey, truffels...

Artistic and delicate

On his journey of discovery through the Neue Straße, across the Holzmarkt and the Marktgasse and down to the Krumme Brücke, the visitor will find many other significant items. For this market is a festival for all the senses to enjoy. Old, traditional artisanry and contemporary arts-and-crafts will demonstrate once again this year the creative diversity of the French and Italian partners. The spectrum ranges from pottery and textiles to goldwork, sculptures, silk, wicker baskets and hand-made stationary. Whoever feels like adorning their home or whoever is searching for a special present, will be overwhelmed by the choice of products available.

The town invites you to be there

A big Umbrian-Provençal Market, Sunday trading, a town race: these September events rank among the biggest events in Tübingen’s Events Calendar. The market takes place on  Wednesdays from 1 p.m., on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Food and drink will be served on Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 1 p.m. and on Sunday until 10 p.m. On Saturday a children's party will take place in the inner courtyard of the "Bürgerheim" from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. and will be run by the tradespeople.  

The ERBE-Town Race and Sunday trading

Old Town of Tübingen

The Umbrian-Provençal Market traditionally ends with the town race and sunday trading, which many visitors look forward to every year. Browse in Tübingen’s big and small shops without the everyday stress, look around in a relaxed fashion, admire the romantic old town and then wash it all down with a provençal fish soup with a glass of Umbrian white wine.

On the Sunday morning, before the shops have opened their doors from 1 p.m.- 6 p.m., the Tübingen town race takes place. With an international participation, the racing younger generation wrestle hard with the older citizens to clinch the top positions. The slogan is: To be there means everything and the track is the goal. Tübingen’s Light-Athletics Association (die Leichtathletik-Vereinigung Tübingen LAV ) is in charge of the organisation and moderation. And as with every year the town race supports Tübingen’s town equipment or services. It was Dieter Baumann’s idea to do this and this has now become a firm feature of the town race.        


Tübingen’s Duck Race

On the Neckar

Since 1999 Tübingen’s ducks are let loose once a year. Then everything becomes cramped and yellow in the section of the Neckar between the Alleenbrücke at the upper end of the Neckar Island and the Neckarbrücke. The ducks belong to a species, whose ancestrally preferred habitat is the bath tub and other damp locations within the home. Over 7000 of them every year bob up and down the designated stretch of the Neckar, side by side and with a cheerful duck smile on their yellow faces. So that they don’t topple over on the way, a metal weight is attached to their underside. Without any doubt the duck race is an unusual yet amusing event!

Participation: At the Tourist Information each duck costs 3 Euros. You can also buy them in batch. On the day of the big race all ducks must be at the start line between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. – latecomers, false starts or ducks on steroids will be disqualified. Ready, steady, go at 2 p.m.!


Tübingen’s Festival of Jazz and Classical Music Days
Various locations

Sold-out concerts, great musicians and a fantastic atmosphere are the characteristics that mark Tübingen’s popular music festival. It is an intrinsic part of the town. Approx. 80 concerts take place on over 40 stages and the 10 000 + spectators are enchanted every year by the sounds of the orchestra, the jazz rhythms and singing voices. The musical spectrum of the JKT is huge.

There is something to suit everyone’s taste, whether it be classical jazz, chamber music, swing-musette, noble classics, bigbandsounds or latin rhythms. Club nights, parties, improvisation and music sessions are also included in the programme. Spanning from the retail stores, across the bar and up to the theatre hall and the church, the range of stage locations is accessible to the young and old, to the illustrious and less well-known musicians from Tübingen, from the region of Baden-Württemberg and from further afield. Everyone is jiving once again to the musical notes in Tübingen’s Jazz town...!


Tübingen’s Children’s Book Week

Stadtbücherei (Town Library) and Landestheater Tübingen

Every year Tübingen’s children’s book week offers a range of themed events such as book displays, author readings, theatrical plays, story time and workshops to its old and young bookworms. At the hub of the event is the older children’s and teenager’s book exhibition in the foyer of the Landestheater, where up to 1000 new literary works from the last two years will be displayed. The children’s book week is a best-seller among Tübingen’s events. It has been around since 1981!

Cycle of French Film Days

Cinemas in Tübingen

For more than 25 years the Tübingen-Stuttgart french film days offer an exemplary range of francophonic films. Showing around 80 films, it is the second largest francophonic film festival in Europe. Also available is the screening of the francophonic film in German – for cinema enthusiasts as well as for the industrial sector. However, its attention is turned mainly to young and undiscovered film directors. It is for this reason that the film days have often turned out to be a springboard to the German silver screen. Furthermore many prizes are awarded to the budding film (not only from France) so that the creator can show his francophonic film all over the globe: from Belgium to Africa and all the way to Canada.      


Welcoming of New Citizens and the Union Market

Landestheater Tübingen

The BüroAktiv, Bürger- und Verkehrsverein Tübingen, the town of Tübingen, the HGV and the Tübingen Landestheater invite every year all new and old Tübingen citizens to LTT, in order to let them be inspired by Tübingen’s regional society. Whether you would like to join a sports club or are searching for civic involvement in a social, cultural or ecological sphere, the Union Market is the perfect place to be to gather lots of information and to establish contacts. All new citizens are given a theatre ticket for the evening.   


Women’s Film Festival “FrauenWelten” (Women’s Worlds)

Museum Cinema in Tübingen and Waldhorn in Rottenburg

Alongside the theme of women’s rights and emancipation , the female film makers place a particular emphasis on strengthening the solidarity with women from other cultures. So every year a great number of enthralling, touching and thought-provoking insights will permeate the different, cultural worlds of women, which are then reflected through documentaries, motion pictures and a good blend of entertainment and enlightenment. And as ever, the attending female producers and activists look forward to having inspiring conversations with their audience – both male and female.

Women’s Worlds have a reason to celebrate! For its tenth anniversary expects the Film Festival of TERRE DES FEMMES numerous international guests, amongst others spanish Cannes-winner Lola Dueñas, who will present her movie „Yo tambien“ in Tuebingen. From South Africa comes Jackie Brandfield, whose impressive work with abused children we can see in „Rough Aunties“.
The country focus at Africa shows the continent, which got worldwide attention, from the women’s point of view. The coming women World Cup in Germany is in the centre of a TERRE DES FEMMES-campaign. As well as we show at the Film Festival footballplayer and sportswomen of the world from Africa, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran. Among the Feature Films are again many fascinating and touching recent award winners from international film festivals.


chocolART – International Chocolate Festival

Altstadt Tübingen

Tübingen’s Chocolate Festival offers a high-value market where chocolate specialists from France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and selected premises in Germany present and sell their delicate products. Last year this event attracted more than 270.000 visitors to Tübingen’s old town. The Mayan culture says that chocolate has a divine origin and since settling in Europe, this idea has led to the production of art and literature. Therefore alongside its presentation of culinary delicacies and international fine-dining, Tübingen will offer an extensive accompanying cultural programme which will draw attention to the sacredness of chocolate. To seduce and to be seduced is to be expected, when truffles and pralines will compete with each other for six whole days.

With in total 87 chocolatiers from 12 countries, around 80 tonnes of chocolate sold, 20 000 cups of fresh milk and more than 200 000 visitors the statistics show that chocolART is even more successful every years.

We have made good arrangements for your stay here in Tübingen, so that your experience of the chocolART is an unforgettable one. Here ...

Opening Times for the chocolate market:
Tues 1 p.m.–8 p.m. –Wed–Fri 10 a.m.– 8 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.– 10 p.m. and Sun 11 a.m.– 8 p.m.


itdesign Santa Claus Race


The itdesign LBS Santa Claus race has after 30 years become an established event in Tübingen. The half marathon; in sporting-terms one of the most talked-about races in the republic, rejoices in its steadily increasing number of participants, among which there are several celebrities who take part every year. This succeeds in strengthening the attraction to the event. The half marathon began in 1976 with 24 participants. Today well over a thousand runners from Tübingen’s Postsportverein apply for the Santa Claus Race. For the average runner, who is obviously extremely active the whole year round, the Nicholas race (even when run uncompetitively) fills a gap in the yearly running calendar.    

Feuerzangenbowle. Winter Cinema Night


Like every year, the opening of the Tübingen Christmas Market is preceded with an evening for true cineasts. A fantastic film night under the stars. The “Feuerzangenbowle” with the legendary Heiz Rühmann playing the main role warms the heart, even more so when it is so bitterly cold outside. Year by year approx. 2 500 spectators make the journey to the Haagtorplatz in order to see this comedy which was made in 1944. During the film each guest will surely sample “ein wänziger Schlock” of the home-made Feuerzangenbowle (flaming spiced rum).
Begins at: 7 p.m., Free Entry.

Christmas Market

Old Town of Tübingen

Always on the 3rd weekend of Advent Tübingen invites you to its colourful and distinctive christmas market in the old town. It begins on Friday and Saturday at 10 a.m. and ends at about 9 p.m. On Sunday it opens at 11 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. Hundreds of decorated christmas market stalls merge during these three days with the half-timbered scenery of the historical old town to form a homely and spirited whole. Over the market linger the aromas of mulled wine, children’s punch, spices and roasted almonds. Stretching from the lower town, over the Krumme Brücke and Kornhausstraße to the Marktplatz, over the Holzmarkt to the Neckargasse, Neue Straße and round by the Nonnenhaus, Tübingen’s christmas market extends over the whole town centre.     

Whoever is searching for an unusual christmas present is in the right place here in Tübingen: Here the visitor will continue to discover original and imaginative creations from “Do-it-Yourself” (Marke Eigenbau) stalls. Most of the objects that are offered at the (predominantly private) stalls are home-made, -cooked, -knitted, -carved, -shaped, -moulded, -painted, -pressed, -timbered..., and the many marvelling visitors will be encouraged to try and produce something similar themselves over the year or, if they choose not to, to at least return to the christmas market in a year’s time.