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Frequently Asked Questions

Should anything unexpected happen...

You have booked a guided tour or a punting trip in Tübingen, our beautiful university town. A lot of effort goes into planning and organising and sometimes something unexpected crops up.

What to do?
Should you not be able to make your reserved appointment, please notify us at least 2 days (48 hours) before. We can either cancel your guided tour or punting trip or for a 30 Euro service charge rearrange it. Otherwise we will unfortunately have to charge you the full amount.

It’s raining!
Our guided tours take place whatever the weather! Our tour guides will escort you safely through the narrow streets of the old town armed with raincoats and umbrellas. If however you decide not to turn up, we will unfortunately have to charge you the full amount.

Our punting trips continue...
Punting Trips also take place in all weathers! With raincoats, umbrellas and a good dose of humour, a merry punting trip can definitely still happen. Basic rain-ponchos can be purchased from the Tourist Information for 2 Euro. Our ‘punters‘ often sell such waterproof items too.

... but you would prefer not to
The weather forecast predicts rain on the day of your punting trip and you would prefer to cancel to be on the safe side. Please inform us 2 days (48 hours) before your appointment. We will cancel your trip or do our best to rearrange it for a 30 Euro service charge (see above, “What to do?“).

Please be available for contact!
In the case of heavy showers or sudden storms you should call us as soon as possible, so that we can cancel your appointment and the punter if necessary. Maybe you could rearrange the trip at a later point in the day? If you don’t notify us, the punter will be ready and we will have to charge you for the time he works.

If you have booked a trip outside of our opening hours, you should ask for the mobile phone number of your punter several days before, in order to personally cancel the trip if need be.

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm: Tel. Angelika Thieme (0 70 71) 91 36-13, from 5pm (0 70 71) 91 36-0
Sat 10am-4pm: Tel. (0 70 71) 91 36-0, Sun 11am-4pm (from May until September): Tel. (0 70 71) 91 36-0

Verkehrsverein Tübingen – An der Neckarbrücke – 72072 Tübingen – mail(@)tuebingen-info.de