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Children's Punting Birthdays

An unforgettable experience

It is undoubtedly a bit unsteady on a punting boat, but that's the fun of it! Once round the Neckar island on a balloon-adorned boat - perfect!

A birthday party on a punting boat is unforgettable, as the guests, whether old or young, will be guaranteed a funny and lively journey. There should be at least two adults per boat. Every child will also receive a small surprise! Lifejackets are available. And after the trip on the water the kids go to treasure hunting.

Additional features

For those who work up an appetite during the punting trip, the birthday party can end in a nearby beer garden, where you will receive:

  • an unalcoholic drink
  • a few Biergartenwürste with Treberbrot (hot dogs)
  • a small ice-cream
180,- Monday to Friday
190,- Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
9,90 p.P. Additional cost food and drink
2-2.5 Hours
max. 16 People per boat inkcl. 1 adult, only one boat available
only available at half hour