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Group Punting Trips

The classic Tübingen Free-Time Pleasure

The punting boat can no longer be separated from Tübingen. It belongs to the town and to the Neckar in the same way as the University and science do. Punting is a swabian leisure activity and one that stimulates conversation. The passengers are seated along each side of the punt, parallel to each other and relax against the high back-boards. We glide leisurely past the luxuriously green bank vegetation, "chat" to each other and admire the romantic scenery of the Tübingen Neckar Front - past the Hölderlinturm, the Burse and the Monastery.

Groups must book a private punt from us at their desired time made to the nearest hour. If the number of people exceeds 16, then the party must be separated into two or more punts.

85,- Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
75,- Monday to Friday
1 Hour (including embarkation and disembarkation)
April until October
max. 16 People per boat